Recruitment Services

Paladin Management provides permanent placement services. We eagerly serve the large and prestigious as well as the small and micro.
We have for reference purposes outlined our generic recruitment model. A successful recruitment project is however the end-product of an interactive process whereby we take care to adapt our model to suit the unique needs of each client.


Our endeavour to develop long term relationships with our clients enables us to become familiar with their unique organization culture. We assist with compiling job specifications and clients who do not have their own are welcome to use our free generic template. We give consideration to the type of recruitment process required for the specific situation and match it with the appropriate assessment tools.


Paladin Management applies the appropriate screening method to the type of position depending on skills availability, seniority levels and required BEE profiles.
Depending on the unique position attributes we develop an advertising strategy which can incorporate print, and online as well as our social network to source the right candidate.
Paladin Management owns its own online job portal called Jobs RSA where we and others part of our network advertise positions and bank resumes.


The identification and use of the appropriate screening tool has become essential in the drive to find the right fit. Use of these tools is required to ensure that the candidate’s behavioural attributes and technical skills suit the position.
Our screening process starts with a CBTI (Competency Based Telephonic Interview).
Both technical and behavioural questions are directed at the candidate at this early stage to eliminate poor associations. The information is rated and scored and followed by successful candidates being invited to our offices for a formal interview.

Our BBI (Behavioral Based Interview) is designed to reveal the behavioral characteristics of the applicant and helps to eliminate poor candidates. We provide an honest and realistic context of the work environment the candidate can expect to ensure a two way fit and to eliminate the possibility of post-placement disappointments.

Interviewed appointments are scheduled around the clients’ availability. We obtain feedback from the client and diplomatically communicate results with the candidates.


We pride ourselves on our ability to find the required fit for the position which translates into less time, energy and employment related risk for our clients. Choosing the correct fit reduces staff turnover and employment costs for our clients.
For those rare situations where things simply do not work out we provide replacement guarantees.
Our process is completely customizable to incorporate any combination of screening assessment tools. Tools available include culture sensitive psychometric testing, specific skills tests, pre-employment polygraph tests as well as credit-, criminal- and educational checks. We make use of independent specialists for these tests and checks to ensure objectivity and legal compliance.
The entire process is including our detailed reference investigations are documented and filed.